Food Management Digizine - Q2 2023

The 12th Century wasn’t great for strawbs. That was when Saint Hildegard Von Binger, then an abbess, started the rumor that strawberries weren’t fit to eat, since they grew close to the ground (huh?). Hildegard thought the fruit was contaminated by snakes and toads. What did the snakes and toads do to Hildegard, anyway?

RIGHT: Strawbs take the cake American Dining Creations Chef Jon Pye does a whole lot with strawbs, including this bright and cheery yet oh-so-fancy chocolate-strawberry cake with toasted meringue for a big event. BELOW: Strawberry Shakeup Sodexo’s new line of Freakshakes include Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry cookie butter. Even cooler? These shakes are plant based.


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