Food Management Digizine - Q2 2023

Adventurous explorer Cartier found strawbs in Quebec in 1534 and brought them back to France. A gardener at Versailles wrote a guide for growing strawberries. By the 1800s, the fruit could be found at a London fruit stand, probably foraged, not farmed. “Hudson” was the first strawb variety in the U.S., and Cincinnati, Ohio growers were the first to ship strawberries using refrigeration (just ice placed on the boxes, but it worked).

That brings us to the chef’s refrigerator of today.

ABOVE: Sweet Tarts ADC’s Chef Pye makes his version of pop-tarts with strawberry cream cheese, Nutella and pistachio. A perfect spring snack if we ever saw one. LEFT: Shoot for the strawbs! For a savory, cocktail party-ready take on strawberries, Pye whips up strawberry bloody mary shooters with spicy shrimp and pea shoots.


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