Food Management Digizine - Q3 2023

• Reduce Labor – Our Blend & Serve milkshakes are pre-mixed and blend hands-free in under a minute. No measuring, scooping, or pouring required. Simply place the cup and press start! • Customizable & Consistent – Choose from pre-mixed Blend & Serve cups for shakes and smoothies or add your signature spin to our Made-to-Order shakes with syrups, purees, alcohols, inclusions and more. Continually customize your menu: The possibilities are endless! • Easy to Clean – Just rinse the spindle and keep blending! f’real by Rich’s turnkey program quickly pays for itself with an average return on investment of 3 to 3.5 months. With an average margin of $2.50 to $3.50 per cup, that equates to approximately $15k per year in annual revenue (based on 12 shakes per day). So, it’s not only fast, easy, and customizable, it’s also pro‘table. Check out the video attached to this ad to see how simple a frozen beverage program can be. Contact us now for more information. Don’t wait to craft the frozen beverage program of your dreams! Blended drinks are in demand – but can demand a lot of labor, time, and budget. With f’real, stand-out frozen beverages are as easy as blend, top and serve!

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