Food Management Digizine - Q3 2023


FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick

FM’s podcast has hosted some amazing guests lately! You may have missed these episodes with a little something for everyone.


Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) Medical Campus’ Senior Area Executive Chef Amy Foote is harnessing the healing powers of Alaska’s indigenous flora, fauna and wisdom. Resourceful Alaska healthcare chef forges new frontiers in wellness

33 min

FM Healthcare Recipe Contest Winner Trula Hepner taps into healing powers of porchetta

HHS Director of Culinary and Nutrition Services Trula Hepner creates menus that really nourish at Havasu Regional Medical Center.

30 min

Ingenious Culinary Concepts takes school lunchrooms from ‘blah’ to welcoming, fun and bound to get kids hyped up. Kern Halls, owner and founder, lends us some inspiration for back to school with a fresh new attitude. K-12 cafeteria whisperer Kern Halls talks design, participation and more

20 min


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