Food Management Digizine - Q3 2023

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“I got five on it.” 55 min

From balancing creativity and simplicity in school lunch options to embracing personal growth and inspiring others, this episode is filled with incredible moments that will leave you inspired. Eugene believes that by providing a helping hand and a smile, we can make a significant impact on someone’s life. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Eugene’s incredible journey. From his career path from Chicago to Memphis, to his innovative ideas for enhancing the school environment and dining experience, there’s something for everyone.


Building strong teams & healthy habits in school nutrition 1 hr 13 min

In the episode Alex Hallmark delves into various aspects of the school food service industry, sharing personal experiences and insights. We cover a range of topics, including the unexpected journey into nursing, challenges of standardization and design in a school district, point of sale, food safety concerns in school cafeterias, and training and staffing in the office. Alex offers valuable insights into the world of school food service, highlighting the challenges, successes, and exciting developments within the industry. Listeners are sure to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and opportunities present in this field.

47 min

St. Vrain School District - A Home for Innovation

We traveled to Colorado for this episode to meet with Katie Cossette and Theresa Spires at St. Vrain Schools. We spoke about some of the innovative programs they’re implementing in their schools such as, the culinary arts degree students can receive at their Career Elevation Technology Center campus, their upcoming Farm Box program, their student-raised live stock that they process and offer during their school meal program, and more! Listen into this episode to learn exactly why St. Vrain took home the NxtGen Network Ignite 2023 Innovation award, while being inspired along the way!

56 min

Aurora Public Schools - Breaking out of complacency

For this episode we made the trip to Colorado to meet with our good friend, Shannon Soloman, of Aurora Public Schools . Our conversation included her winning the FES Top Achiever award, it being the first time someone from K-12 won, how and why K-12 operators need to tell their story, and some of the innovative solutions she’s providing her kids including drive-thrus! Make sure you buckle up, this is going to be one wild ride!

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