Food Management Digizine - Q3 2023

Kale and romaine blend with barley, strawberry bruschetta, blueberries, feta, pickled onions, spicy pecans and green goddess. EARTH BOWL, SUNBURST STATION

Vegetable curry with watermelon and chicken tika masala is served with pineapple tepache beverage. STOP FOOD WASTE DAY PROMOTION, HERITAGE STATION

Fresh Greek platter with freekeh, marinated cucumbers, olives, halloumi cheese, grape leaves, baba ghanoush and harissa carrot hummus served with lemon vinaigrette and pita. TAPAS BOWL, SUNBURST STATION

Pizza is topped with brisket, shishito peppers, shiitake mushrooms, fromage blanc, mozzarella, garlic chili oil, pickled onions and scallions. SUMMER BRISKET & SHISHITO PEPPER PIZZA, HEARTH & CO. STATION

Bowl incorporates kale and romaine, asparagus, crispy leeks, watermelon radish, goat cheese, pistachio crumble, pickled oranges and roasted pears with strawberry pepper vinaigrette. FRENCH MARKET SALAD, EARTH BOWL STATION

Bowl contains kale and romaine, black rice with Asian plum dressing, avocado, kimchi, baby bell peppers, pineapple cucumber salsa, macadamia nuts, wonton strips and sesame seeds. ALOHA BOWL, EARTH BOWL STATION

Pizza is topped with lemon, broccolini, ricotta, pistachios, bianca sauce, pesto and mozzarella. LEMON, BROCCOLINI & RICOTTA PIZZA, HEARTH & CO. STATION


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