Culinary Institute of Child Nutrition

OVERVIEW The USDA and Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) have collaborated to create the Culinary Institute of Child Nutrition (CICN), a division of ICN. The principal mission of CICN is to increase the culinary skills of school nutrition programs by providing culinary training programs and resources to support child nutrition program (CNP) operators to prepare and serve healthy, culinary-inspired school meals from scratch and elevate the cafeteria atmosphere. For more than 30 years, ICN has worked to help CNP operators remain up to date on best practices in preparing and serving meals to children. ICN launched CICN in 2019 as an education branch focused on culinary skills development. As a collaboration between the USDA Food and Nutrition Services and ICN, CICN’s mission is to provide training and technical assistance to help child nutrition professionals develop goals and implement best practices to improve the culinary aspect of program operations.

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