ICN Applied Research Division


Since ICN’s inception, the ARD has conducted research projects to identify the competencies, knowledge, and skills (CKS) needed for the effective performance of CN professionals. This is the division’s signature resource series . The first projects completed were for school nutrition (SN) directors/supervisors and SN managers. ARD has completed CKS research on district- level SN Professionals, local-level SN assistants and technicians, State agency professionals, and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) professionals. The resources developed from the CKS research are valuable to the CNP industry and include information on how to create job descriptions, how to design training and professional development programs for specified staff, and a framework for evaluating and mentoring staff for professional positions. The CKS series also provides the foundation for the development of education and training at ICN.

Visit the Institute of Child Nutrition Applied Research Division to learn more about the projects and research conducted.

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