Food Management Digizine - Q3 2023

2. Composting and the quest to reduce food waste: Beyond the economic benefits of eliminating food waste – as food prices continue to skyrocket – our communities are implementing composting to promote sustainability. Composting has many benefits to both our residents and the greater communities where we operate: it nourishes our soil, prompts seasonal gardening for our residents, encourages our residents to spend more time outdoors, and sparks conservation. This initiative is a low-cost, high-value way to promote smarter consumption, a win-win for all. 3. Accommodating adventurous eaters and dietary preferences: While the Silent generation mostly requests meat and potatoes for their meals – we’re seeing Boomers step outside this norm for their meal options. This includes a balance of seasonal foods, and providing the option to try new cuisines. We’re projecting to incorporate more gluten-free, vegetarian, and Mediterranean diet options in the coming years.

What makes Brightview unique is that all 46 communities have different menus; our dining directors create menus based on the residents they serve. It’s a personal experience and completely custom. For example, Brightview West End, our community just outside of Washington, D.C., has a trained sushi chef on staff, while in our New York communities, a Reuben on thick-cut rye bread and clam chowder are highly-requested favorites. To take this even further, some of our Vibrant Living Directors have established restaurant clubs for residents – where they make reservations at local restaurants offering varied, authentic cuisine to promote trying new foods and getting out and about in the communities. The senior living dining experience is more than preparing three meals a day: it’s breaking bread, connecting with others, and providing a hospitality experience for our residents. As we welcome the next generation into our communities, we look forward to learning from them and catering to their needs - while maybe even getting them to try something new along the way.


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