Food Management Digizine - Q1 2023

BIG QUESO ON CAMPUS College chefs melt down the queso and turn up the flavors with award-winning recipes for the recent “How Do You Queso?” Competition. Tara Fitzpatrick FM has covered the queso trend a few times in recent history, and the cheesy, melty, dippable, dress-up-able queso is just getting started, flowing like lava through college campuses where students love to get a little (okay, a lot) cheesy and hit the bar…the queso bar that is! Check out these past queso trends: Melt-ology 101: Cheesy menu items made to crave 16 must-try melty cheese menu items A competition hosted by Land O’Lakes Foodservice to promote a white cheese queso drew in 133 cheesy recipe entries from chefs and menu developers at colleges and universities nationwide. The sheer variety of the recipes blew judges away, as they tasted their way through Korean style nachos, fried queso bites, a spicy Texican queso eggs benedict, succulent flame- broiled cod on a creamy pepper queso and more. Korean-style nachos Created by: Chef Tom Nicklow, Foodservice Director/Executive Chef, SAGE Dining Service, Inc., Towson, MD Why it won: These trendy nachos have it all: Bulgogi beef, nacho cheese, edamame, lettuce and kimchi.

Korean-Style Nachos


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