Food Management Digizine - Q1 2023

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HOT TIPS & TRICKS TO GET KIDS EXCITED TO EAT! Over the course of your career – whether it’s been 6 months or 25 years – what’s one of your most asked questions? If you’re like me, it’s “what is your favorite part of the job?” Kaitlin Tauriainen, RD | Ashwaubenon School District (WI)

If your immediate answer isn’t the kids, you’re probably in the wrong field. My second most asked question is “what exactly do you do each day?,” and I always wonder where to start. We do a million and one things, but what you do each day should relate

back to your passion for the job. “I feed kids.” Maybe you don’t physically serve them (though I bet you do more often than you’d like to admit), but you do all the things to get the kids into the cafeteria. You make the menus. You select the foods. You manage the staff, the budget, and the utilization of resources. You might have tough conversations with the state department of education, the USDA, or your congressmen. All these things come back to one common thread: I feed kids. It’s harder than ever to please our students right now. Many of our states just reverted to the dreaded full paid, reduced, or free meal status for our students (kudos to those states

Students and staff from Ashwaubenon School District in Wisconsin


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