Food Management Digizine - Q1 2023


Mike Buzalka

Aladdin Campus Dining recently rolled out a food truck at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi to provide hot food to its campuses.

Pearl River Community College in Mississippi recently started giving many of its students a new option to get hot meals on all its campuses through a new food truck operated by its food provider, Aladdin Campus Dining.

famous Philadelphia Cheese steak made with beef or chicken and paired with fries or kettle chips!” FM: Is the food prepared on the trucks and if so, with what kind of equipment? Wilson: “Everything is prepared on the truck. We have a flat-top grill, two fryers, and a char broiler, along with refrigeration.” FM: What value does this bring to the schools, their students and Aladdin’s dining operation at the schools? Wilson: “There is no operation on the Hattiesburg campus, so we are bringing food service to the campus which is a commuter campus only. Students don’t have to leave campus if they wanted lunch. If they leave campus for food, they would have to drive four to five miles to get something, so it’s very convenient for them, they have access without having to leave campus.” As a last word, Wilson notes that the vehicle is almost literally a can’t-miss dining outlet… “Although The Pearl River Community College “Street Food” Truck is advertised by mass email to students, the truck is the first stop before you enter campus, so you can’t miss us!” he says. “We are upfront and personal!”

Here is a local TV news story video about the food truck rollout

That’s not the only initiative been taken at the community college, which is also planning to transform an old bookstore into a new, open-air extension of its campus dining facility, including a patio and a menu serving popular college items like wings, fries, burgers and wraps. Here’s a local TV news video report of that development.

Here’s a local TV news video report of that development.

FM approached Jerome Wilson, Aladdin Campus Dining Food Service Director, with three questions about the new food truck… FM: When does it operate and what do you serve? Wilson: “At Hattiesburg, the food truck officially opened Tuesday, January 24th with over 100 students visiting the newest dining location! Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for lunch service, the street food truck operates on a three-week cycle. The menu features a standard sour dough burger, fries and a coke; Taco Tuesdays feature street tacos, steak and chicken fajitas on rotating Tuesdays; Wednesdays feature chicken dishes like chicken sandwiches, boneless chicken wings and tenders; Thursday is their take on the

New food truck at Pearl River Community College


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