Professional Development & Networking | July 2023

OPERATOR INNOVATION WINNER: ST. VRAIN VALLEY SCHOOLS Why they stood out: Innovative use of partnerships with multiple educational programs What we love: Student-raised pigs and lambs on the menu - adding over 800 pounds of food locally raised In their words: Our team is creating a committed connected inter building /department action team in Education, Agriscience, AgTech, Food Innovation, Bioscience, STEM, Business & Entrepreneurial opportunities for students by offering potential new educational and career pathways. In conclusion, students are becoming more aware and excited about our school meal program and food system because of these axillary education innovations. We have more exciting opportunities on the horizon including dynamic partnerships!


Why they stood out: Innovative product and scalability What we love: Customer focused company building and learning from successful partnerships In their words: Fork Farms develops hydroponic vertical farming technology that makes it possible to farm indoors year-round, enabling all people to grow fresh food, nourish their communities, and heal the planet. The technology can be scaled to serve individuals and large-scale commercial producers alike because of its unique, modular design. Fork Farms also provides its growers with support and resources through its digital community. Within school nutrition, Fork Farms supports hundreds of school nutrition programs to grow their own produce, control their fresh food supply chain, and engage with classroom programs across STEM, agriculture, nutrition and more. This is enabled through Farmative, Fork Farms’ digital platform for partners to access growing resources and education tools, in addition to connecting school nutrition leaders from around the country to collaborate with one another. Fork Farms’ comprehensive support is rooted in its commitment to school nutrition, education, and increasing the access to fresh, nutritious food for all kids.

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